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Dear clients,
Sell Runescape goldWe would like to announce that we start buying gold from our standard customers, like you, as well. Due to great success of our website, many new players are involved in game and our suppliers are not capable to sell rs3 or RS 07 (old school runescape) gold to us.

We are one of the biggest website, who sell rs gold in the world and due to this, we are able to offer the best gold buying and selling prices that no other sites would offer.

Our usual gold buying price is best, so working with us is a smart step if you want to sell some. We pay instantly after we receive gold and we can offer any payment method you can imagine:

• PayPal,
• Skrill,
• Western Union money transfers,
• Bitcoins, European bank transfers (SEPA) and others.

Please contact our live chat if you have any questions or if you want to receive your payment using any other method. Our customer service will answer to any question you would have.

How to sell RuneScape gold?

  1. Choose gold (OSRS gold or RS3 gold) and amount you want to sell
  2. Contact support representative via live chat
  3. Provide your character name and payment details
  4. Login to the game to trade the gold
  5. Receive real money to your chosen payment option

Reasons to sell RuneScape gold

To begin with, you can make some extra money. We have many suppliers who play RuneScape and sell rsgp. These suppliers live from that money, they get after selling gold. Of course, before choosing to play RS for your living you need to try making some gold first.

Your dreams will come true

We will give some quick advices how to make gold on RS later on. Did you ever dream about gaming all day, spending time how you want and get money for that? With our help, your dream of playing computer games instead of working daily jobs, might come true.


Most of our suppliers are reselling items in the game (flipping): buying items for lower price and selling them for a higher price. Now it is harder to do it due to GE limits on both versions of RuneScape but it is still possible noting the daily price trends of various items.

Other group of suppliers

Second large group of our suppliers stake in duel arena. It is mostly matter of luck but with a good understanding of most important levels while staking you might have odds on your side and on average in long term make large amounts of Runescape coins.

Losing gold

If you lose all your gold, don’t be disappointed – you can buy gold from our website to rebuild your bank.

Always online

We are online 24/7. Once you are ready to sell, just contact our live chat. To make sure prices are up to date, ask our live chat to confirm the final price and payment method. We can assure you that you will be offered a fair price for your gold and transaction will be handled with the highest safety.

Customer service

If you don’t have a clue how much money you will get for your gold, you can always ask our customer service consultants. They will calculate the price for you so you will be able to get detail estimate.

Can you sell Runescape gold for Bitcoin?

Yes you can. Selling Runescape gold for Bitcoin is one of many payment methods we offer to our customers. For more information you can contact our online 24/7 live support.

So, if you have some RuneScape (sell) gold and want to fill up your bank account with a great amount of money, please contact us and we will provide you the best offer.

It’s easy to collaborate with us!

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great people good service
great website, bought 27m, got my gp in less than 5mins!
Consistently great service. Good communication and fast delivery. Only good site for me.
I sold 239M to this site. It took about 5 minutes and I was immediately paid through Paypal. No issues at all. I will be back.
I wasn't sure about this as i have never purchased in game currency through a third party service. I am pretty cheap, but it was very fast and extremely easy. Would recommend. Thanks Logan for the quick service


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