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    1. Most of our orders are delivered within 5 minutes. In some special cases this might take up to 24h. If it happens that we cannot deliver within this period, we will provide a full refund.
    2. All trades are final and once your gold is delivered no refunds are available.
    3. We have served more than 10,000 customers during the last 3 years and none of them got banned. However, we cannot guarantee that it will not happen in the future and we do not take any responsibility for that. We are putting a lot of effort in providing the highest trading standards possible.
    4. You might be asked to submit your ID copy to prove that you are the owner of your PayPal account or payment card. If you are not ready to submit one, please, choose another payment method.
    5. All goods that we sell are virtual and they are delivered virtually. We do not sell any physical goods.
    6. Your personal information will be used to prevent frauds only. Food4Rs reserves right to disclose your personal information to legal authorities or 3rd parties if fraud attempt is suspected. We reserve the right to refund orders if we believe that the purchase might be a fraud attempt. Use of VPN or Proxy is prohibited.


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